Weather - Inflatable Rentals

Rain/weather Policies & Rain Waiver Information   In relation to inflatable units for private parties - see below for tents & corporate

Rain, Rain, - go away— What do I do if it rains?

On a date when we determine that there is a high probability of foul weather, rain or high winds we reserve the right to cancel.  It is for safety of riders and serviceability of our units not because we want to ruin anyone’s party.  If it is clear when we set up and it rains later there isn’t anything that can prevent that  but we may begin to pick up units if the rain is not going to pass.  Keep in mind if the weather forecast is very grim there is a chance that cancellations will occur in the morning. 

The final decision on what constitutes a rain date lies with us. On any day we will always try to service as many bounces as possible even if it means rearranging a bit of the deliveries or the times of peoples events.  We don’t want to ruin anyone's party but we also want to keep our equipment from potential damage (not to mention the kids)

Many people ask about light rain or state that they don’t care if it’s raining they want their unit anyway.  However we will not set up in rain or high winds of any kind. As a general rule skies must be clear for one hour prior to a set up on what may be a rain day.  While you may not mind the rain it is dangerous to ride in a rainy situation. If a light rain occurs after set up it will most likely be deflected by the unit’s roof and the unit will usually dry itself in short order. In this situation be mindful of the inside and wipe it with a towel if it is slick.  If a heavy rain occurs we will begin to pick up units accordingly and it isn’t safe to continue to ride especially if high winds are in play. 

The Bullet Points

· Units CAN NOT operate in heavy rain or high winds It is dangerous. 

· If it is raining when we arrive at a location we will not set up even if our crew is early and we can not  

   guarantee they can wait for the weather to pass.  Wait time is billed @ $15.00 per hour per person. 

· You must call by 8:00 am to cancel your reservation.  We will attempt delivery unless told otherwise

   if we think it is deliverable weather. 

· If you do not call us and we think you are deliverable we will arrive as scheduled. 

· If weather conditions are not permitting when we arrive then you will lose your deposit with or

   without a rain waiver.  We reserve the right to deliver or not deliver at our discretion based on the

   weather conditions and wind. 

· Reservations cancelled for rain are ONLY accepted if it is raining or extreemly high winds.

· If it is a potentially rainy day (and we tell you it is) and you want your reservation you will be responsible for cleaning fees if it

   does rain.  See rainy day sign off sheet

Now I am really worried about rain.  How can I prevent losing my deposit?

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