What constitutes a late night pick up?

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If you want a late night pick up after sunset or our daily service hours there is a fee for us to leave a driver (or two for larger units) on the clock for your event. 

Here are our hourly guidelines:

Scheduled pick up for outdoor bounces no later than below or an overnight/ late night pick up fee will apply:

  • June 8:30
  • July 8:30
  • August 8:00
  • September 7;00
  • October 6:30
  • November 5:00

****  this is approximately when it is gets dark we can check the sunset schedule for you

Rates will vary based on the size of the equipment.  However a late night pick up for one man is $50.00 in addition to the maximum rental rate that will bring you into 4 additional hours from end time. 

If you do not need pick up prior to 12 am and your inflatable is in a secure location then we recommend choosing the overnight fee which commences when a rental is scheduled until ( look above).  The fee is generally $50.00 - $100.00 for standard rentals.  The overnight fee is weather contingent and if bad weather is imminent prior to the next day then we will speak to you regarding contingencies.