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Are you RED~Y for your event?

 Rentals ~ Entertainment ~ Decor

Think of it like a Cake!  First you start with the structure ( Rentals ) then you add some filling ( Entertainment ) and once you have that in place you put on the icing ( Decor ) and who doesn't Love Cake!

Thank you for visiting our web page. We appreciate your time and look forward to being able to assist you with your Event Rental, Decorating & Entertainment needs. Our goal is to save you time with your planning and help bring you a stress free ordering experience.

Not sure if we have what you need?  Just send us a quick e mail if you are not sure email us or feel free to schedule a call with us.

We have three divisions to help with all the details of your upcoming event. Special Occasions are what we do best! 

Looking for The Rental Place Inc and landed here?

After 42 years in business The rental place ( & Jim) has retired. Don't worry...We have you covered!   We have been entrusted with the information needed to keep your event moving forward successfully. Give us a call and we can easily access your past event information.  With our three divisions we can even help you to expand your event offerings!  We have not only Rentals but also Entertainment and Decor. PLUS we're only 22 so we have 20 more years to catch up before we retire?!  (really)  

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Snow Globe Photo Prop - Multiple backdrops

Pink "Bunny" Chair

20 x 40 Clear Frame Tent

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