Special Offers & Coupons

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LEAP year Specials!!

Use the following codes for our ONCE every 4 years savings! Four codes plus a bonus code – but act fast these will disappear soon!

Place your orders Feb 25th to March 3rd to claim the savings coupons.  Not sure of your date we have ways to preserve the coupon for you. 

Bounce House Savings 

Bounce house Savings (great for spring break) – $50.00 off – CODE  SB5024  Order a bounce house here

  • ORDER NOW for a Bounce house and get $50.00 off 6 hour rental between 9 am and 5 pm or FREE Overnight!! Don’t know the best day because of the weather – we will give you a complimentary reschedule if weather is a prohibitive factor. BONUS+  If you order Mon – Thursday during spring break (Mar/Apr if 40* or higher) we will let you “Double Dip” your savings and give you $50.00 off PLUS free overnight!!  WOW 

Tent Savings 

Tent Savings for 2024 – $75.00 off – CODE  TT7524    Order a tent here
  • ORDER NOW for Graduation or Spring- IF You do not know your date you can activate the savings coupon with a $100.00 deposit ( you pay $25.00) the we will preserve the savings for when you are ready to order- ONLY valid in 2024 

Balloon Savings 

Grab N Go Organic Garlands – $15.00 off – CODE  BA2924  Order a popular garland
  • ORDER NOW for Prom Backdrops, Bunny Swags or ANY occasion!!  You can order and choose your date later if you know you need some for birthdays or parties in the future 
  • ORDER NOW  Take $5.00 off any LARGE stuffed Easter Balloon  BB2924  Check out the bunny balloons

Bunny Savings 

Bunny Visit Savings – $10.00 off for 1 hour or under – CODE  EB2924  Order an Easter Bunny
  • ORDER NOW set up your easter bunny home visit with some Hoppin good savings
  • ORDER NOW  Take $5.00 off any LARGE stuffed Easter Balloon  BB2924   Check out the bunny balloons
Some restrictions apply.  Including but not limited to-  Not valid on delivery, travel or special order, labor and installation.  Not valid with previous orders and not valid on events already booked.  No discounts on items that are ordered in or damage waivers.  Client must make a reservation within the time frame in order to secure the discount BUT it can be a reservation with date to be determined.